Get Your PPC Campaign on the Road to Success

Pay-per-click (PPC) is a form of online advertising in which you pay every time a user clicks on your ad. Whether you want to super-charge your brand exposure campaign, drive relevant traffic to your website or increase your e-commerce revenue, PPC is a highly effective way to reach your target audience immediately.

When it comes to finding the right PPC agency, you need one that understands your industry and business objectives, and helps you to navigate the highly-competitive digital landscape. Jitter Media gives you access to the kind of strategic cross-collaboration that’s simply not possible for your internal marketing department or most other agencies.

A successful PPC strategy revolves around your business objectives. With automation, data and creativity at the heart of all of our strategies, we use key insights and cutting-edge technology to tailor campaigns specifically to your goals, generating industry-leading success.

Choose your PPC advertising services

Advertise on Google, Bing, and the Google Display Network with our PPC management services.

Get valuable shoppers and business buyers back on your site with our remarketing services. 

Bring local shoppers in-store and earn sales with our services for Google Local Services ads. 

Use social media networks like Facebook and LinkedIn with our social media advertising services.

Access a tremendous audience and untapped revenue source with our Facebook advertising services. 

Target valuable areas, like competitor locations, with our geofencing advertising services. 

5 features of our PPC advertising services

Keyword research

Keywords research is important to any successful PPC campaign as keywords are key building blocks of the strategy. Without proper keywords you cannot bid or target the right audience.

A right keyword helps not only to target your most qualified audience but also it gives an idea to the PPC advertising companies to write a compelling ad copy.

Ad copy performance testing

Ad copy is extremely important since it helps a user decide whether or not to click the ad. The goal is to get as many clicks as possible so your ad copy should be descriptive, relevant, and actionable.

Focus on Structured Campaigns

To create a solid PPC strategy, it’s important that there’s little room for error. We at Jitter Media accomplish this by creating structured campaigns based on detailed research and achievable goals. Structured campaigns are especially important for those who are re-marketing to people who’ve visited their site previously. Creating a structured campaign is one of the best ways to ensure your entire ad budget is focused on the right place.

Google Analytics tracking

Implementing a marketing campaign without analyzing the results is simply a waste of time. Without the proper analytics, you won’t be able to gain crucial insight into your campaign as far as what’s working and what’s not.

Landing page creation

Landing pages are one of the most important parts of your PPC management campaign. Without an out-of-this-world landing page, users can bounce from your website without making a purchase. However, with a fantastic landing page, you’ll make more sales and increase revenue in the long run.